Mobile Apps For Business and Social Communities

Mobile Apps For Business and Social Communities

Mobile apps have become a valuable business tool. The ease of convenience of operations that these apps provide has made them a must-have. The apps allow businesses to be in immediate touch with their end-users. With the inclusion of clearer CTAs, the apps offer better control over transactions and all kinds of communications.

Types of Mobile Apps for Businesses

  • Business Apps: Also referred to as productivity apps, these apps are responsible for carrying out a comprehensive range of business-centric services –right from selling, buying, managing processes, tracking progress, and so more. 
  • Educational Apps: These apps are designed by businesses for improving the overall learning experiences of learners of all age groups.
  • Entertainment Apps: For delivering maximum entertainment and social engagement, these apps are designed for delivering personalized experiences.
  • Utility Apps: Right from helping users to book a cab to rent specialized services, the utility apps for specific businesses are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Social Media Apps: For maximizing social engagement, these apps are dedicated to social users.

Listed here are the five top mobile apps for business and social communities that have changed the way entrepreneurs have been working.

  • eGood

If you want any transaction done to enable you to contribute to a cause, this is the app for you. The app enlists the businesses you might need to interact with regularly. Also, it tells you about the list of causes with which you might want to associate yourself. By clicking the business and the social cause, you make it easy for yourself to help the cause while doing a transaction. It offers you the ease of standing for the causes you are passionate about and buying things or products simultaneously.

  • Evernote

Evernote lets you store ideas that come up in your mind even when you are on the move. Apart from the convenience of storing the idea while on the move, it allows saving it in different formats as well. So, if you come across a product or service design, or a workflow design, you can keep it for implementation in the future. With the share option’s help, this application allows you to share the idea with your core team and get input from them to enrich it further.

  • TravelBuddies

TravelBuddies app connects lone travelers. Exploring the world all by yourself is itself an exciting opportunity. However, it is riskier. People may like the idea of traveling alone but may not have done it ever before. This app helps such people who need connecting with like-minded individuals and to let them know how to make things comfortable during their solo trip. Thus, you are practically not alone when you are on TravelBuddies. The users can share their future travel plans and know about the unknown cities in advance, which can be of immense help during the trip.

  • Internations

Internations app helps expats connect while living in the same country. It allows online interaction among people living on the same foreign soil, or those having prior experience of the city. They can share the knowledge they have about the cities. The people can promote businesses by telling other people about those through this app. With the help of this connecting tool, expats can manage themselves better by equipping with better knowledge about the cities and the businesses running there.

  • Medium

Medium is the app for uploading and sharing insights about the industry to which your business belongs. You can write and upload blogs, share them too. You can also add links leading to your business site in these blogs to drive better traffic volume.

These are some of the apps built on fascinating ideas if you want a break from the crowded place like Facebook. These apps have got a purpose and can bring socializing and business activities closer.


Businesses out there opt for reaching out to the target audience with the help of dedicated apps for varying purposes. Know about the common mobile application types for specific uses. Let us know which kind of app are you planning to build.

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